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Tul T12

Smooth response

The TUL T12 is modelled on the AKG C12 but with a much more extended top end, all the way to 22khz.

These mics are best used on drums, placed 60cm above and facing the tom-toms and behind the drummer, 60cm from the floor tom, facing the snare and floor tom. A Shure SM57 or similar could be used for the snare drum, and a TUL F47 could be placed outside the bass drum. 

The character of the T12 insures that the cymbals never over-power the mix, resulting in a natural tom and snare sound.

The T12 can also be used on acoustic instruments, as well as flutes and wind instruments. It has one switch which is a 10db pad for high SPL (ie. percussion etc.) and there is no bass roll-off on the mic.